Order Your Holiday Cookie Box Today

This holiday season, order a box of homemade, gourmet cookies catered to your liking. Each box is filled with your choice of homemade holiday cookies. There are 12 flavors being offered for this season, and each one is as delectable as the next.

Make your cookie box size selection:

1) One-Shot Box ($10) – One bag of cookies in the flavor of your choice (6 cookies total)
2) Mini Assortment ($20) – 3 bags of cookies, 5 cookies in each bag (15 cookies total); 3 flavors of your choice, or “Chef’s Choice”
3) Big Box of Cookies ($50) – Select 5 flavors of your choice; 15 bags of 3 cookies in each; 45 cookies total
4) Santa’s Sampler ($30) – 12 bags of cookies, 2 cookies in each bag (24 cookies total); A sampling of each of the 12 days of cookies!

Select your cookie(s):
1. Oatmeal, Peanut Butter & Raisin
2. Chocolate Malted Milk Biscotti
3. Green Tea & White Chocolate
4. Chocolate-Coconut Meringue Drops
5. Chocolate Spice Crackled Cookies
6. Salty Chocolate Chunk Cookies
7. Ginger, Orange & Fennel Biscotti
8. Snickerdoodles
9. Gingerbread Cutouts
10. Gluten & Dairy Free Chocolate Cherry Cookies
11. Chocolate Pecan Toffee
12. Lemon Crumiri (Cornmeal Cookies)

Each cookie box is carefully packaged in bags and then beautifully wrapped in boxes with tissue paper. They make wonderful gifts. Anyone will love receiving these festive treats for the holidays. Contact to place an order. Happy Holidays!


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